Helthy Eating

If any of you reading this know me or have even met me before are probably thinking ‘Healthy Eating’ she never eats healthy. Well this half-term I thought I’d try being healthy and eating meals from different diets. (I’m not trying to lose weight-just putting it out there).

First ‘diet’ I tried was eating the right proportions of everything from the eat well plate. This was one of the easiest as my mum cooks us food like this every night, so we had pulled pork. I know sounds really unhealthy, but it involved a lot of salad, potatoes and meat so fitted into the eat well plate quite well.photo 1 - Copy (2)

Exercise wise, as it was sunny, I spent most of my time outside jumping around and dancing to  music. (I wear earphones so that I only LOOK like an idiot, instead of LOOKING and SOUNDING like an idiot).

The next ‘diet’ I tried was the clean eating diet. Or as Deliciously Ella puts it, “Not a diet, but a way of eating.”. So it doesn’t really fit in with the theme but as its the most used way of loosing weight, so I thought it counted. I tried making some energy balls, which included a lot of strange ingredients which for some I had to substitute. It also looked a bit like turd, yet tasted amazing and filled me so much and gave me loads of energy.

photo 2 - Copy (2)

I’ve also been having healthier breakfasts which make me feel way more awake than just some toast and coffee. For instance just the other day I had watermelon and it was amazingggggg!!!!!!!!!!!!

photo 1 - Copy

Another ‘diet’ I tried was the vegetarian diet and yet again I decided to cook my own. So I made myself from super-energising veggie noodles. I also decided to have it as a picnic as it seemed so summery outside.


This was a really cool experience and would defiantly do it again. Also remember to comment if you would like to know the recepies to any of the dishes and click that little follow button.

Kate x

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