Albums vs Media Files

We all have our own way of keeping hold of photos, but how do you file them? Not to long ago people would of looked at me like  I was stupid and told me that the only way to file photos was in albums. Yet now nearly 80% of the population save their photos on media files. So that’s the question, do you file your photos in albums or through media?

Living with my parents I love to look through their old photo albums, seeing them being stupid or travelling round the world. Its like watching them grow up and you can see what they enjoyed doing when they were your age.

Don’t get  me wrong I love media files, they’re quick, easy, and you don’t need to bother with the faff of printing. But what would happen if your computer/tablet/ipad/ipod/phone died or got a virus. A whole section of your life would disappear and you would never be able to look back on it.

So that’s my question to you, do you file your photos in albums or in media files?


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  1. isablog895 says:

    why hello there my little friend?! 😉

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    1. k8iebutton says:

      Oh hello there😊💕


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